The images on this Past on Glass website are digital scans of stereoscopic glass slides from our past (circa 1912.)

They were photographed during an adventure around Europe by a Mihály Nyúl. They were stored in an attic for 100 years – and they now take us on a new journey of discovery. We are very excited to share with you this time-capsule, of a mostly calm and peaceful Europe – just before the  devastating great-war.

Most of the glass slides and boxes are unlabelled – and there is no other documentation of this journey. We are very keen to learn more about Europe during this time – and invite you to help us identify any people or places found herein – If you recognise anything – please post a comment on the images page, or contact us.

The Glass Slides are mostly 45mm x 107mm and are scanned at around 800 DPI – Higher quality scans can be viewed by request.

Mihály Nyúl retired as a Press Inspector at Zrinyi Nyomda in Budapest, and died in February 1944. He had three sons with wife Julianna, who died in 1960.

All images on this website are protected by copyright, and are offered only for personal or educational uses. For commercial use of any images please contact us.

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