Notable People:

László Isépy

The Photographer

Ica Lenkeffy

Actress. 1869-1955

Irén (Biri) Csáky

Actress. 1884-1968

Irén Varsányi

Actress. 1877–1932

Mariska Gazsi

Actress. 1876-1953

Magda Jankovich

Actress. 1900-1992

Emil Fenyvesi

Actor. 1859-1924

Ödön Bárdi

Actor. 1877–1958

Sári Fedák

Actress. 1879–1955

Sári Kürthy

Actress. 1874-1978

Sándor Góth

Actor. 1869–1946

Gyula Hegedűs

Actor. 1870–1931

Mór Ditrói

Founding director of the Vígszínház 1851–1945

Lajos Kemenes

Actor. 1888–1925

Vilmosné Grünwald

Born Paula Ernst.

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