Vintage Photos of Hungarian Theatre circa 1912

This photo collection provides rare and intimate portraits taken backstage with the stage performers costume.

Sz II – “Maszatos Pali”

Photos from a box numbered 7820 – and inscribed with “Sz – II – 26-50”  “Bergen op Zoom” (a place) and “Maszatos Pali” (a play written by Komor Gyula in 1912.) The play was performed in various theatres in Europe circa 1912.


Sz IV “Az elnökné” (The President) – Sz IV – 1-25

“The President” was a play written by Maurice Hennequin & Pierre Veber.  Premiered in Paris at the Théâtre du Palais-Royal 27 November 1912, Performed on Broadway in 1913 and 1914 under the title Madam President.

However, the images contained in this box appear to be mostly backstage at the play “Ocskay brigadéros” by Ferenc Herczeg 1913

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